The most suitable solution to meet our customers requirements and bring power to move

 Mobile electrification system
from 20A up to 200A, 4 or 5 poles 


3D view: Discover the INNO by MOBILIS multi-conductor rail from every angle ?


3D view: Discover the conductor bar ELITE by MOBILIS in all its aspects


Features and benefits of the multiconductor rail ELITE by MOBILIS

The solution for the most various applications

Are you looking for a conductor bar system from 20 to 200A ? ELITE by MOBILIS is the solution.

Whatever your requirement in mobile electrification is, this multiconductor bar, equipped with 4 or 5 conductors and its large choice of options will suit you.  

Easy to set up

Select 9 components to get an ELITE by MOBILIS electrified line.

Our webcatalogue helps you prepare your inquiry in a few minutes.

Modular systems

  • Tailor made curved systems
  • High temperature version (+75°C)
  • Protection lips for dusty environment
  • And: ventilation element, interruption element, introduction gate, transfert elements, maintenance tools 

The busbars are used as well inside as outside. 

You can take down a busbar system ELITE by MOBILIS at any time. 


Easy and safe connection 

Self breaking screws for an optimal connection. 

The ideal torque and the maxi connected surface reduce power drop.


Quick and easy assembly

Just clip the bars into the self aligning sliding hangers.

No tools are required to assembly ELITE by MOBILIS accessories.

See the installation video 

GAMME 2 BENEF 6 604x340

Safety, reliability, durability

The specific profile of the rail provides stability to the line and is IP23 rated so it is finger safe and resistant to rain. 

Upkeep requirements are minimized providing lower installation and lifetime maintenance costs.


ELITE by MOBILIS - maximum versatility and modularity

Conductor bar systems ELITE by MOBILIS are mainly used to deliver power to:

  • Cranes
  • Jibs and hoists
  • Automated storage
  • Tasksaver systems
  • Theatre stages
  • Wastewater treatment or composting plants
  • Or many other applications inside or outside

In case of use in an area open to the public, additional safety measures should be implemented (protection level IP4X required according to EN60204-32).


Busbar, trolley … - technical features


Profile  Honeycomb PVC compact profile – closed system for a maximum safety
Dimensions du profil  l 64 mm h 90 mm 
Overall dimensions To ease assembly, keep 250mm minimum free space from the busbar 
Length of the line Unlimited with expansion joint(s) 
Expansion joint required if:
- calibre 20A and L > 140m
- calibre 40A up to 100A and L > 150m
- calibre 130A up to 200A and L > 250m
Flame resistance All materials are self-extinguishing; they pass successfully glowing/hot line tests under 960°C for elements in contact with live parts and V-0 according to UL-94.
Conductors material 20A: stainless steel 
40A up to 200A: copper
Maximum speed of the trolleys 180m/min with high speed trolley for straight lines
70m/min with articulated trolley in curves
Endurance  Trolleys have been tested to run at least 2000km



Use conditions

Suitable environment Category 3 of ISO 2081 (outside mild), inside, outside use under rain or dust. A version with 600h resistance under saline mist is available. Please consult.  
Applicable standards EN60439-2, EN61439-6, EN60204-32, CE, UKCA
Temperature of use Standard: -30°C … +55°C,
High temperature: -30°C … +75°C
Protection index IP23 according to EN60529 (assemblied line with all required accessories)



Electrical performances 

Intensities 20A, 40A, 60A, 100A, 130A, 160A, 200A 
Poles 4 or 5 poles - The ground conductor (PE) is marked on the line by a green-yellow strip.
The neutral conductor (N), when present, is located in the top section of the casing.
Rated operational and insulation voltage 750V alternative, 50Hz for standard version
440V alternative, 50Hz for high-temperature version
Protection against short circuits Intensities ≤ 130A: Icw < 10kA
Intensities 160 and 200A TR: IPK = 11kA
Insulating distance between conductors or between conductors and accessible parts
  • Distance in the air: 10 mm min.
  • Creepage distance: 30 mm min. (according to EN60204-32)

Intensity according to duty cycle

The intensity of the rail is the minimum admissible value of the rail. 
According to temperature and duty cycle the admissible value can be higher: 


Temperature of use Duty cycle Max. admissible value
40A  60A  100A  130A  160A  200A 
35°C  80% 72A 90A 117A 127A 162A 211A
40°C  67A 86A 109A 117A 155A 195A
55°C  48A 63A 86A 87A 131A 140A
35°C  100% 68A 85A 114A 120A 152A 184A
40°C  64A 82A 106A 109A 145A 171A
55°C  47A 61A 82A 83A 121A 126A


ELITE by MOBILIS - Guarantee

Our equipment is guaranteed one year against any material or manufacturing defect recognized by ourselves. As we are not responsible for its installation and operation, our guarantee covers only replacement or repair (at our own choosing) of the part recognized to be defective. We do not accept responsibility for any defects arising from faulty supervision or maintenance. We also disclaim liability for any production stoppages that may result. Any arbitration shall be held in Strasbourg, even when several defendants are involved.


ELITE by MOBILIS - Recent applications 




20A up to 200A







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Electrification by Mobilis

Electrification by MOBILIS is a brand of the ESARIS Industries Group and supplies a complete range of mobile conductor bar systems, including INNO, ELITE and MOVIT.

Designed and manufactured in France, the electrical busbars INNO by MOBILIS, ELITE by MOBILIS and MOVIT by MOBILIS are available throughout the world.


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