ELITE by MOBILIS conductor lines for high-speed train maintenance


The Technicentre Est européen is the maintenance centre of the Société nationale des chemins de fer français (SNCF) and was built in 2005 for the TGVs that will run on the European Eastern High Speed Line.

The Ateliers de l'Ourcq (Paris, France) are equipped with the Elite by Mobilis power supply system. This electrification solution combines speed of assembly and efficiency, while ensuring the protection of its users thanks to its IP23 rating.

Keywords : Elite by Mobilis, 4 poles, maintenance, railway industry, France

Electrification by Mobilis

Electrification by MOBILIS is a brand of the ESARIS Industries Group and supplies a complete range of mobile conductor bar systems, including INNO, ELITE and MOVIT.

Designed and manufactured in France, the electrical busbars INNO by MOBILIS, ELITE by MOBILIS and MOVIT by MOBILIS are available throughout the world.


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