MOBILIS : a new web environment

Our new website, entirely dedicated to mobile electrification rails, aims to make your job easier, from the selection guide to the request for a quote.


The information about your company profile will help us guide you to surf more easily on our website. By the next connection you will surf on a personalized webpage according to your requirements.

On the right side of your screen the pictograms will give you direct access to the essential functions to your activity.

Step by step we help you from the choice of  the most suitable range to your request for quotation.

This website is for made for you… feel free to share your remarks after using it!

Surf well!

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Electrification by Mobilis

Electrification by MOBILIS is a brand of the ESARIS Industries Group and supplies a complete range of mobile conductor bar systems, including INNO, ELITE and MOVIT.

Designed and manufactured in France, the electrical busbars INNO by MOBILIS, ELITE by MOBILIS and MOVIT by MOBILIS are available throughout the world.


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